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The Subscribers Card of the Day explores a new Tarot card each day- defining the meaning of the card and how it will apply to your day and blends it with the tools you need to regulate your nervous system so you may come into balance and alignment with your true self. A new video is available each day. For Trauma survivors, the messages that our neural pathways send us can be challenging and uncomfortable to overcome and can keep us stuck in a way of life that we no longer wish to experience. Rewiring the brain is possible, but often painful and lonely work. This is why I am offering this unique SMS text service that blends the Card of the Day with the skill we are building to regulate our nervous system. The text messages that you receive throughout the day help to break through those challenging patterns and beliefs and offer support, understanding,and sense of community while building a relationship with and deeper understanding of the Tarot that will support you your entire life.

  • Strength Rituals

    Every month
    • This subscription gives you access to the Members Lounge
    • Daily videos, texts & more to regulate your nervous system
    • Tarot tips and Tricks, Ask an Astrologer,
    • Community Gallery, Lunar Calendar,
    • and a comprehensive Metaphysical Resource center
    • ~Text messaging available for US residents only~
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