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I started out Reading tarot professionally in 2010 at a metaphysical gift shop on Broadway in Seattle, WA. Over the years I have done thousands of private readings, parties, and corporate events as Lux Divinorum Tarot (the light within). I ran Tarot Tuesday at an apothecary bar in old town Ballard from 2016 until 2020 and most recently have been part of the Seattle Night Markets


Group Events at your location in Seattle

Tarot at your event location: $150/hr, two hour minimum. 50% deposit upon booking applied to total- remainder to be paid upon arrival. You will be sent an invoice via Paypal.

Events outside of Seattle: Travel fee will be applied based on time and distance.

This time is yours! Please come prepared with your questions and an open heart. If you would like a recording, let me know before we begin and I will be happy to make one and send it to you at the end of the session.

This Reading is a conversation that we are having together with your higher self. This is not fortune telling. I am not a a Psychic. We are working with your unique energy flow to bring you to your greatest good. Using the Tarot, I am able to have an open dialog with your Highest Self to help you on your journey through this life. This also means that If you spend the reading trying to keep secrets from me, the energy of secret keeping will be reflected in your reading.


Working together, we will allow you see new perspectives and choices bringing to light the energy and opportunity that is available to you in your life. You are the architect of your dreams. Lets build them together!


My Readings are a blend of over 35 years experience in the esoteric art of the Tarot, my education and work in Healing modalities that include Art Therapy, Social work, Massage, Personal Training, and Nutrition coaching, as well as a personal journey through domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, and all the elements of C-PTSD.  I have been on this journey from the story I was born to to the story I was born to live for 5 decades. I found over the years of trauma and recovery that the Tarot and other energy based modalities have been an essential way to find my way back to my true self. I want to share what Ive learned with you to help you on your path.


By exploring new perceptions and recognizing energy patterns that are not in alignment with our true selves, we can begin to live a life of balance.

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